Here’s a super fun, ultra analog typography-led motion collaboration for which we designed all the hero still frames. YouTube launched this Valentine’s Day campaign dedicated to the Creators that wanted to bring to life some of the great comments left by users, as animated “love notes” using a generative system fed with a large database of hand drawn type, icons & layouts.

For their 30s animation & series of promotional animated gifs, we were commissioned to produce a collection of rustic sign-painting inspired 2D typographic frames, which had to feel joyful & spontaneously written. Following the storyboard notes, we illustrated a variety of friendly looking script lettering compositions by hand, using only brushes & black ink on paper. The colouring & assembling of the final edit was handled by an extraordinary talented team of wizards, with each transition developed by hand, into a full-fledged frame-by-frame animation.

Directed & animated by Nicolas Ménard

Produced by Nexus Studios