Super fresh piece in collaboration with Truly Seltzers. We were commissioned to create a limited edition packaging featuring some flavour-inspired artwork. Borrowing cultural elements of sneaker drops, the campaign was about creating special edition boxes of Truly & posters using original artwork.

When life gives you lemons, you make… lemon art. We wanted to emulate the super bubbly look of seltzer in a fun floating colourful universe through photography, digital arts meet real-life fluid experiments & gravity defying elements. We had fun in the studio creating a variety of colourful fluid art textures that we captured photographically, to use as 3D mapping materials. The lemons were also freshly cut fruits that we shot and brought into our CG scene to render the skin texture with a glossy glass blue finish.

- Art Directors Club Awards, Packaging x Bronze Cube 
- Graphis, Packaging Awards x Honors