Drug driving is a growing problem on Britain’s roads. Statistics show that most drug drivers have a nonchalant attitude to the dangers they pose and do not believe that their driving is impaired, nor that they can be caught. The task of this campaign was to make them take this risky behaviour seriously with an incontestable fact: drugs have an involuntary effect on the eyes that the police can test for. ‘Your eyes will give you away’ became the central premise of this campaign.

Part of a THINK! drug driving awareness campaign, this project was a work of infinite patience & meticulous detailing. Using a dramatic & detailed eye photograph as the hero, we were tasked to create the wide open eye of a cannabis user, with a hyper realistic visual quality.

The most noticeable effect of smoking marijuana is corneal vasodilation, causing the famous "red eyes", with the blood vessels expanding & particularly prominent. Using photographic elements & code-based processing techniques, we generated organic looking vessels to delicately craft one by one our "cannabis" typography tying in naturally with the anatomical features of our shot.

- D&AD Global Awards x Wood Pencil, Outdoor Advertising
- D&AD Global Awards x Wood Pencil, Indoor Posters
- D&AD Global Awards x Best In-Book
- Creative Review, Illustration Awards x Best In-Book
- Lürzer's Archive x Social & Environment