For this special poster design commission, with The National's music in mind we wanted to come up with some intense yet delicate artwork - a simple, beautiful image with an ethereal feel, to create some visual storytelling using people interactions through an iconography charged with softness, expressive intentions & connection possibilities. Embrassing composition improvisation, we organised a group molding session to create a collection of highly detailed sculptural hands casted in various positions, which we photographed & integrated with contrasting graphic typography.

- Type Directors Club, Poster x Excellence

Making-of Photography by Valerie Paquette &
Film by Halina Hickford. Special thanks to Liliana Saldanha, Mike Harris, Fabiana Gugliemi, Edgar Hoffman, Rosaria Valesi, Mylene Benard, Sophie Lamell, Albert Zablit, Halina Hickford & Valerie Paquette for the fabulous hand modelling session & creative contribution.