Another great editorial collaboration, with some massive concrete lettering to adorn the cover of this special edition of The New York Times Magazine - a bold photographic treatment to illustrate a story about the perceived political state of breakdown of the European Union.

Needing to be graphic and punchy, and a strong tactile quality, we used the font Knockout 69 to create a clean, angular & chunky sans serif base, which we brought to life with lots of volume to fill the front page layout with weight and drama. It’s not often we get to have just 2 letters on this hero page, so to make the most of it our shot needed to be photographed directly down, with the letters squaring to the edges of the magazine, with the depth coming from the lighting and shadows.

We were keen that the letters felt heavy, big, monumental and that the result of it being dropped was that it was broken and damaged rather than demolished or utterly ruined - with fissures in the surface and small parts that have come loose, rather than something that felt like it had fallen to pieces completely. As a final touch, we peppered our visual with extra details of fallen debris around it to ground the lettering against the luminous white background.

- Communication Arts, Typography x Award of Excellence