We were commissioned by Likkle More Chocolate, a wonderful ethical bean-to-bar chocolate atelier based in sunny Kingston, to develop their branding and design their packaging. This sweet commission involved creating a colorful collection of illustrations oozing serious tropical vibes, as a tribute to Jamaica’s natural beauty & vibrant culture.

We worked closely with its founder, Chef Nadine Burie, who's passion for her craft and culinary expertise have been a true inspiration. The entire project has been focused on sustainability, in harmony with Mother Nature - from the all-natural colourful graffiti chocolate bars to their wrappers, an exciting journey into material research. We created from scratch their range of eco-friendly boxes & pouches, using only compostable, 100% plastic-free, recycled & reclaimed materials, including agriculture waste.

Their name comes from the Jamaican patois expression for “see you later”, which also translates as “little more” - because everyone always enjoys a little bit more of a delicious well-made chocolate... especially us..