We were commissioned to create this meling lettering for album cover for the EP "GDFR" - aka "Goin' Down For Real" - American rapper Flo Rida's tenth top-ten single on the Billboard chart. The musician stated that he shortened the title to G.D.F.R. to remind listeners of graffiti culture, and in that spirit requested a real-life destructed type treatment for his cover art. We hot stamped and burded the design by hand to create the acronym as juicy negative space, giving it an organic shape full of lush details.

Fun side story... The artwork turned out to be a big love for Flo Rida, who famoulsly went on to wrap his beloved Bugatti with the design, featured it in the track’s video clip, and made a pleathora of t-shirts and merch. A melted portrait request soon came after...