We visited in the Zef zone designing this super fun mixed-media gig poster for the crazy South African musical duo. We were naturally drawn towards their unique candy raver aesthetic - communicating their infectious raw energy and the playful duality of their cute/mean personas through a cartoony vibe, mixing photographic & digital elements.

For the headliner, we wanted to create that kind of dimensional & looping handwritten script type piece, created in 3D from a pencil scribble, using shots of paint patterns & CG noise to generate some sort of play-doh material. We photographed the hero smiley sitting in a juicy blood splatter, to which added the war paint mask stripe to emulate the famous makeup look of Yolandi. We completed the composition with a trippy graphic pattern mosaic, bubbly lettering and gloved hands, as a nod to their kind of fun, bad ass rapping moves in that classic vector cartoon style.

- Graphis, Poster Awards x Honors