A fun creative collaboration for a fashion editorial for Scandinavian magazine BON, for which we designed abstract illustrative elements to complement the photographic artworks. We were invited on the shoot to first get immersed in the story look & feel, and got provided the final series to work from with a carte blanche brief. The styling was a strong inspiration to create our treatment: the garments, fabrics, lines & draping, the thickly combed wet hair & futuristic glam punk touches.

Our idea was to create a delicate finish, with a contemporary edge. To make the photographs shine through textures & a painted aesthetic, we played with a collection of handcrafted & digital illustration details - mixing scanned paint brush strokes, scratches, sponge blotches & algorithmically processed beziers to generate wispy graphic swirls. We colorized each scene with a romantic, soft luminous tone, while punching chromatic contrasts with watercolor FX & inverted saturated tones. Fashion is fun.

Photography by Rafael Stahelin.